Using technology like iTerminal, Eye Focus on You.

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Today we are exploring the benefits of the new iTerminal device, an interactive dispensary system that helps patients select the perfect eyeglasses. The iTerminal is manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coatings and dispensary technologies.

With eyeglasses, the right fit is of paramount performance. The key is for patients to forget they are wearing glasses and to simply enjoy being able to see properly. For many patients, selecting the right eyewear can be a frustrating experience that can end with patients paying money for ill-fitting glasses. At the office of Dr. Sandra Akamine Davidson, we are committed to making sure our patients leave our office with attractive glasses that provide the best vision possible. As the first optometrist office in the Inland Empire to feature the iTerminal, we are privileged to change the process of choosing and fitting eyeglasses with an interactive exercise. The machine is an added tool that helps our expert staff members provide patients with personal advice about the wisest choice of frames and lenses for their facial structure as well as their vision.

Benefits of the iTerminal:

Superior Measurements

  • Consistent measurements ensure proper fitting and lens performance.
  • Measurements can be taken to within 0.1mm, making the perfect fit possible.
  • Precise measuring means fewer lens remakes are required, which saves money.

Lens Customization

  • Automatically takes measurements such as lens tilt and frame wrap for the individual patient.
  • Dispenser machine can add tint and photochromics so patients can see how lens enhancements.
  • iTerminal can be used with any lens brands, not only with Zeiss models

Special Interactive Features

  • A special mirror allows patients to see themselves in various frame choices, especially important for those patients whose vision requires stronger/thicker lenses.
  • Device features a high quality digital camera, which allows patients to see both front and profile pictures and compare multiple frames, side-by-side.

With the iTerminal machine, Dr. Akamine Davidson’s office is pleased to provide a new interactive tool for patient satisfaction. Visit our blog often, for fresh information about exciting developments in the eye care industry.

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